In Ones Life

Looking back over the years I am happy to say I have encountered some of the most kind and generous human beings. Certainly life has had it's ups and downs not withstanding the odd punch in the gut

But on the whole the positive influences of some of the fore mentioned I am glad to say helped shape  the way I look at the world today.


Let me introduce you to some of these important persons . Firstly Baxter Labatos D J with radio .  I met Baxter on  his Celtic Music Fan Blog. He Posted a Message to me in response to my search for Alan Stivell's email address. What an encounter it has been thus far. One of the most nicest human beings it has been my good fortune to have come to know. His passion for Music has opened  wide his heart to the listening of Sounds of those musicians new and old on the Celtic, Indie, Folk and Jazz  Music  Scene. He has given exposure with his Playlist to many of these Artist's my late Brother Samuel  being one of these of which I am eternally grateful . As a result Baxter Labatos will be forever my No. 1 D J. Well worth tuning into on Saturday's German time 3:00pm to 6:00pm.