Copyright Disclaimer. Complete ownership rights regarding the uploaded musical content, are exclusive to Tina Smith, former wife of the late Samuel Smith.

    And Everything Honest Inclined,

    To Everything Honest and Kind,

    Will Survive,

                              Samuel Smith

    Samuel Smith

    I dedicate this page to the Memory of the late Samuel Smith; Son and Brother to the 
    Smith Family. He was born to Joseph and Margaret Smith in Dublin, Ireland on the 17th of November 1956. For an Intellectual such as Samuel, he was a very unassuming character.

    He had a calming effect on all those who came into contact with him. He was so clued in on a wide range of topics. You would never guess this when talking to him given his humble demeanour. His computer skills were so advanced. Needless to say we would call on his expertise whenever we got into trouble. Above all these things, which were good in themselves, Samuel was gifted with a unique Musical Talent.

    He was known for writing some of the most Prolific and Lyrically driven Music, the content of which is deeply rooted in the Celtic Tradition. Coupled with His own historical background and depth of Soul, you cannot help but be moved while listening to these Haunting Melodies.

    Many an hour we would listen to his Musical Recordings, which suffice it to say, would gladden the heart. This opportunity to share Samuel’s Music with you gives me the greatest of pleasure (please find a personalised playlist of Samuels recordings below).

    Not one to be restricted by a single form of artistic expression, Samuel also conveyed his true depth of talent by comprising poetic works (one of which 'African Sunlady', can be found on the entitled link).

    Samuel May your Legacy of Music, Lyrics and Songs live on in our Hearts Always and Forever.